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Refund Policy

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If during the next 7 days you experience an issue that makes the desktop/web both apps unusable and we are unable to resolve it, we’ll happily consider offering a full refund of your money. (Please note: We do not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions, the refunds are only applicable for yearly subscriptions.)

A refund request applies in those cases:

  • We advertised a feature that is not included in our app
  • We advertised a feature that does not works as described
  • We advertised a feature that is not working on the updated versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux (and we didn’t fix it within 7 working days)

A refund request is declined in those cases:

  • The customer/user decided that he/she doesn’t need the app, found a better alternative, or changed his/her mind
  • 3rd party compatibility issues (Our team helps you remotely via the “Team Viewer” app for compatibility with the customer/user)
  • Old Windows, Mac, and Linux versions – We don’t provide backward compatibility on really outdated Windows, Mac, and Linux versions
  • Customer/user decides that he needs another feature, that is not included on our feature list (New features are going to be developed, but it’s COMPANY’s decision to make for which ones and when are going to be implemented)
  • The customer/user purchased via other payment options except for the PayPal payment option. (Only refund available via PayPal payment option.)